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Western Europe Birds & Birding (#13/52): From the Highland Willow Scrub of Scotland to the Aegean Islands within the Sea of Crete, Western Europe is residence to over 800 resident, migratory and vagrant birds. From songbirds to gamebirds and from waterfowl to raptors, you will discover birds just about in each nook and cranny of this stunning space. *All photos showcased on this weblog collection have been taken and edited by me.

A Reflections of the Pure World Weblog Put up Sequence by Jim Acquire

The Northern Lapwing (Vanellus vanellus) is a wading hen generally discovered throughout temperate Eurasia.

@ Cley & Salthouse Marshes NWT NR–Cley Marshes, Norfolk County, England

Bodily Traits:

The Northern Lapwing has rounded wings and a particular crest. It boasts a hanging black-and-white plumage, with a greenish tint on its again. Males exhibit an extended crest, a black crown, throat, and breast, contrasting with an in any other case white face.

@ Musselburgh – Levenhall Hyperlinks, Scotland

Females and younger birds have shorter crests and fewer pronounced head markings, however their total plumage is comparable.

@ Musselburgh – Levenhall Hyperlinks, Scotland

Food plan:

The Northern Lapwing, a creature of each land and water, thrives on a eating regimen as numerous because the habitats it frequented. It feasts on bugs, spiders, worms, and different invertebrates, plucking them from the soil with its sharp imaginative and prescient and faster beak. Sometimes, it indulges in seeds and grains, a testomony to its omnivorous nature.

@ Musselburgh – Levenhall Hyperlinks, Scotland

Abundance and Distribution:

By way of abundance, the Northern Lapwing is a typical sight, forming flocks that may quantity within the a whole lot, even hundreds. These flocks are particularly outstanding from late summer time by means of winter, portray the sky with their broad, rounded wings tipped in white. The hen’s distribution spans throughout Europe and Asia, with some venturing so far as North Africa through the winter months. Nevertheless, it faces challenges, with numbers declining in some areas as a consequence of modifications in land use.

@ Musselburgh – Levenhall Hyperlinks, Scotland

IUCN Pink Record Standing:

The IUCN Pink Record, a ledger of the dwelling, has the Northern Lapwing listed as Close to Threatened. Its populations have dwindled, not by pure predation, however by the hand of man—intensive agriculture, habitat loss, and different anthropogenic pressures.

For extra data, you possibly can discover the IUCN Pink Record and be taught concerning the conservation standing of varied species.

@ Cley & Salthouse Marshes NWT NR–Cley Marshes, Norfolk County, England


Northern Lapwing 08 Oct 2022 Musselburgh–Levenhall Hyperlinks (Normal) | GB-SCT

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